SmartCrawl Compatibility with Oxygen Builder

February 7, 2021

I've used the free SEO plugin, SmartCrawl by WPMU Dev previously when using the Divi them builder. I liked it and preferred it to Yoast. To me, the free version had more capabilities than the free version of Yoast. I also preferred the user experience of SmartCrawl.

On switching to Oxygen Builder, I wanted to carry on using SmartCrawl. Out of the box, I found it not to be 100% compatible. The SEO and Readability scoring on pages, posts etc. was not showing. I found this article, but it was not totally clear what needed to be done.

Here I'll detail the steps I took to get SmartCrawl working smoothly with Oxygen Builder:

  • Install and activate SmartCrawl as you would any other plugin
  • Create a 'Must Use' mu-plugin which will set a filter which ensure the Readability Score works:
    1. Create a file called 'smartcrawl.php' in /wp-content/mu-plugins. Create the folder if it does not already exist. Note: the file can be called anything, but must be a .php extension
    2. Add the code below to the file, save it and change the permissions to 604:
function smartcrawl_analysis_content( $content, $id ) {

   // HTML of Oxygen's content.
   $cf = do_shortcode( get_post_meta( $id, 'ct_builder_shortcodes', true ) );

   return $content . $cf;

add_filter( 'wds-analysis-content', 'smartcrawl_analysis_content', 10, 2 );

That's it. If you look at you installed plugins, under 'Must Use', you will see the filter you've just created:

If you look at any of your pages, or posts, you will now see the Readability Score:

Smartcrawl readability score with Oxygen Builder

Since creating my first site where I encountered this issue, I have seen SmartCrawl and Oxygen Builder "play nice" out of the box. So only apply this filter if you are having problems displaying the Readability score.

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