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Keeping your website safe, secure, and fresh - today and tomorrow.

Just Good Science


You need to keep your website online. You need to keep it running smoothly and quickly. You do not want anything happening to it which may take the site down or which could damage your brand reputation.

Our Maintain services are designed to always keep your website online, keep it optimal and if the worst did happen, allow you to get back online as quick as can be.

website maintenance

Security Monitoring

The internet unfortunately has its element of bad actors. They are out to steal information or disrupt businesses. Websites for smaller businesses are not immune. Your website will be developed with security in mind and Web X Design Studio will continuously monitor for any kind of security breach. If the worst was to happen and your website was breached, providing you are on an active Maintain plan, Web X Design Studio will recover your site and get you back operational again.

Malware Detection & Removal

Malware is bad pieces of software that bad actors will attempt to inject into your website. The security boundaries we put around your website should prevent malware from entering your site. In the unlikely event, malware does get in, providing you are on an active Maintain plan, Web X Design Studio will remove the malware and repair any damage that may have been caused.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is not a one-time task. Once your site is live, we need to learn exactly how your prospects are searching for you by analysing the search analytics. By understanding that, the copy and keywords on your site can be adjusted to help with search engine ranking and to help you attract more of your target audience. It can take 6 – 12 months to fully optimise your site for search engines. If you are on a Maintain plan that includes SEO, once a month, Web X Design Studio will analyse the search activity over the last month and then adjust copy and keywords to attract more visitors to you.


Like anything, a website can break. This could be due to security breaches, or it could be due to physical hardware or data centre issues. A backup of your website is the failsafe in order to get you running again in the event of a severe issue. If you are on a Maintain plan, Web X Design Studio will take a backup of your website every 24 hours. Many agencies will utilise the backup that comes with the servers where the website is hosted. That can be OK, but if anything happens to those servers or the data centre the servers are in, the backups may be lost along with your website i.e. there will be nothing to use for recovery and the site would have to be rebuilt from scratch. All backups that Web X Design Studio takes are stored in a remote facility that is many miles away from the servers that host your website. This is standard backup practice, but many providers do not offer this.

Software Updates

Just like on your mobile phone, or on your computer, website software is frequently updated. This may be to add additional capabilities, or it could be to fix security issues that may come to light. Web X Design Studio will ensure your website and all plugins used are always up to date.


Keeping your site fresh and up-to-date

Many organisations create a website and then forget about it. This is not good for engaging frequent visitors; they do not want to see the same old content over and over. It is also not good for helping to rank your site with the search engines.

Search engines will rank sites with fresh content higher than those which have gone stale. If you are on a Refresh plan, several monthly updates are included. Web X Design Studio can help you keep your site fresh with the following services:
Updates to existing pages
Creation of new pages
Updating images
Re-branding and styling
Customer testimonials
Blog articles
website refresh


Time dedicated to your business every month

You will need regular site updates and new content creation. By retaining Web X Design Studio on a monthly basis, you will have time "in the bank" with us to do anything you need to keep your website and online presence moving forward.

You can keep Web X Design Studio on a retainer for sites that we have built for you, or for a site that has been built elsewhere.
website retainer

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