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Social media management and online marketing. Targeting your customers whereever they spend time online.

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Social Platforms

Targetting your customers wherever they hang out

Understanding your target audience is critical to know where they hang out online. Having a website is key, but if your audience heavily utilises the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. then you need a presence on those platforms as well.

Web X Design Studio can help you establish your online presence wherever your customers are. Once established, we can help you maintain the spaces. You can't set these up and forget them. You need to be producing engaging content to keep existing customers interested and to attract new customers. A social presence that is not updated tells your prospects that the business may not be operating anymore. Let Web X Design Studio be your social media manager to keep things fresh and engaging.
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Social Campaigns

Social media campaign creation and management

You're online, you have a website, you're on Facebook and Instagram. Now you want to attract new customers or run promotional campaigns.

Web X Design Studio can work with you to understand your audience and the desired outcome of the campaign. We can design the campaign, launch it in the right places, monitor it as it progresses, and if necessary, tweak the campaign based on real analytics.
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Online Advertising

Online advertisement campaign creation and management

Looking to attract new customers? One way is to use paid online advertising. Advertise on Google, on Facebook, on Instagram, on YouTube....

Web X Design Studio will work with you to understand your audience, the desired outcome of the ad campaign and the budget you have for the campaign. We can design the campaign and launch it in the right places to maximise the spending impact. We will monitor the ad campaign as it progresses, and if necessary, tweak it based on real analytics.
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Email Marketing

Email marketing campaign creation and management

Email marketing and newsletters are still a fantastic way of engaging with existing customers. Let them know of new services, promotions, success stories, business updates etc.

As part of your website build, we can set up an email marketing distribution list for you - one which customers can opt-in and opt-out from (a legal requirement).

Any emails you send should be eye-catching, appealing and have clear call-to-actions on them. Web X Design Studio can design your email newsletters and campaigns and manage the sending of them for you.
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