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Our '3P' Values

There are certain things that we feel strongly about at Web X Design Studio. We know you want a fantastic-looking website and online presence, but it's how we go about crafting it that will make the difference. Our '3P' core values are:

A successful business starts with the people behind it - you. We want to get to know what makes you tick personally and professionally. Without this, we can't represent your business, which is what you are hiring us for. Conversely, you'll always know who you are dealing with at Web X Design Studio and we're happy to chat on the phone, on zoom, on WhatsApp, on email, on whatever works best.
We love crafting websites. We love doing it so much, we gave up the corporate lifestyle to focus on what we enjoy doing. We will build your site as if it is our own site. We are as invested as you are in ensuring success for your business. We are not happy until you are happy.
Do you get annoyed when you see things misaligned? When a website displays badly on a phone? When you see something only 80% done passed as finished? Well so do we! We take pride in all we do and we'll be working hard to make sure your finished website looks perfect. We want to showcase your site as much as you want to.

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