Solving the MailPoet WooCommerce Unsubscribe Problem

January 11, 2023

MailPoet is one of the most popular email marketing solutions for WordPress. It has a very good integration with WooCommerce and many sites will ask shoppers to sign up to an email newsletter at checkout. However, there is a MailPoet and WooCommerce unsubscribe issue. This blog will detail what the issue is and how you can overcome it.

What is MailPoet?

MailPoet is a plugin for WordPress that allows users to create and send email newsletters and automated emails from within their WordPress site. It can be used to create and manage mailing lists, design and send newsletters, and track the success of email campaigns. The plugin also includes features such as a built-in WYSIWYG editor for designing newsletters, integration with popular email service providers, and support for sending automated emails, such as welcome messages or abandoned cart reminders. It also can be integrated with Woocommerce, to create, send and track email marketing campaigns from the woocommerce store.

It has a free plan which allows 1,000 subscribers to be signed up before needing to purchase a subscription. This is one of the most generous free plans out of all email marketing solutions for WordPress.

What is the MailPoet WooCommerce unsibscribe problem?

MailPoet has very strong integration with WooCommerce, including an option to sign up shoppers to a newsletter on checkout:

image 160

This works really well, however there is a problem. Let's walk through this scenario:

  1. A new user purchases a product and checks the box to sign up to the newsletter
  2. The user is added to the newsletter once they've confirmed their email address (if enabled)
  3. A little while later, the same user places another order with the vendor. This time, they do not check the newsletter sign up box as they know they are already subscribed
  4. MailPoet will now unsubscribe the user from the newsletter - PROBLEM!

The MailPoet Woocommerce unsubscribe problem can be described as:

If a returning shopper fails to check the newsletter sign up box on WooCommerce checkout, MailPoet will automatically unsubscribe them from the newsletter. Mailpoet treats the failure to check the sign up box as an implicit unsubcribe action.

You've worked hard to build up your subscriber list and now MailPoet, for most of us, is making an incorrect determination on how to handle an unchecked sign up box. Luckily there is a solution.

How to fix the MailPoet Woocommerce unsubscribe problem?

The third party plugin Add-On WooCommerce - MailPoet 3 can be used to overcome this problem. The first thing to do it is install this plugin to you WordPress site.

Next, go to your MailPoet --> WooCommerce settings and uncheck the 'Opt-in on checkout' setting:

image 161

You now need to configure the Add-On WooCommerce - MailPoet 3 plugin. To do this, you can find the settings in WooCommerce --> Settings --> MailPoet. Check 'Enable Subscription' and the relevant options below it:

image 162

In the free version of this plugin, multi-subscription is not enabled. So go to the 'Available Lists' tab and ensure the newsletter you want shoppers to subscribe to is selected:

image 163

That's it. Now any returning shopper who does not select the newsletter opt-in will not be unsubscribed from your newsletter.


MailPoet is a great email marketing tool with very good integration with WooCommerce. It has an annoying problem when returning shoppers will be unsusbscribed from your mailing lists if they do not check the newsletter signup box every time they place an order. Using the Add-On WooCommerce - MailPoet 3 plugin from Tikweb allows you to overcome this problem and keep users subscribed to your mailing lists, even if they do not check the 'subscribe' box on subsequent orders.

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