Configuring Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

All Web X Design Studio accounts are protected with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) . This means you need a password and a number that changes every 30 seconds to log in to your account. This is one of the most secure ways to protect accounts from unscrupulous behaviour.

To configure 2FA, you will need an 'authenticator' app. We use Microsoft Authenticator, which can be downloaded for your Apple device from here and for an Android device from here. The instructions below will be based on Microsoft Authenticator, but other authenticator apps can be set up similarly.

Configure 2FA

  1. From the Login Details email you have been sent, click on the login link
  2. Enter a new password, or select the randomly generated password for you and click 'save password'
  3. You will be prompted to login
  4. Login to the site with your username and new password (your username is in the login details email sent to you)
  5. On the Dashboard, click on the 'Configure 2FA' link:
  1. Within Microsoft Authenticator, click on the '3 dot' menu in to the top-left of the screen and select '+ Add Account'
  2. Select Other account
  3. Scan the QR code you have on screen with the Authenticator app
  4. If all is good, you will get a message to say the account has been added successfully
  5. Go back to the website and download the 'Recovery Codes'. Store these in a safe place. These can be used to login to the site if you authenticator app is not working, or if you do not have it to hand.
  6. From the Authenticator App, select the account you have just created. You will see a 6 digit number which changes every 30 seconds. Enter this number on to the website and click 'activate'
  1. You are now configured to use two-factor authentication to login to the Wordpress site

Logging in to Wordpress with 2FA

  1. Enter your username and password and click 'Log In'
  2. On the next screen, enter the current 6 digit number from the autenticator app
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