Adding Google Material Icons to Oxygen Builder

Google has released their Material Icons which contains more than 1,400 icons. This guide will show you how to add them in to Oxygen Builder.

You need to create an SVG design set to import into Oxygen. The easiest way to do this is to use IcoMoon or download the design set I've created using this method from here. Scroll down and find the Material icons:

Click on 'Add' and on the next screen, select 'select all' from the hamburger menu in the top right. Of course, if you do not want all the icons, you can just select the ones you are interested in:

To generate the SVG design set, select 'Generate SCG & More' from the bottom of the screen (this may take a little time):

Click on the little gear icon, give the design set a name and ensure 'Add <title> to definitions in symbols-defs.svg' is selected:

Close the window and 'download' the design set. Extract the files from the zip that you have downloaded. You have all the icons in SVG and PNG format, but what you are looking for is the symbol-dev.svg file in the root folder. If you do not want to go through the above process, you can download the design set from here.

The design set needs to be added into Oxygen now. Go to Oxygen --> Settings --> SVG Sets. Enter a name for the set, and select the design set SVG file you have either generated or downloaded:

Now, when adding an icon to your page, you can select the Google Material Icons:

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