Adding Google reCAPTCHA to Bit Form

February 27, 2021

Bit Form is a new flexible form builder for WordPress. It's currently available for an extremely attractive lifetime deal (i.e. $30 for 50 sites or $50 for 1,000 sites). It supports Google reCAPTCHA to prevent spam messages, but there are no details on how to configure it. If you do not set it up properly, you will see 'ERROR for site owner: Invalid site key':

Follow these steps to configure Bit Form and Bit Form Pro to work with Google reCAPTCHA:

Logon to reCaptch admin and in the top right corner, click '+' to add a new site. Fill in the form. Note Bit Form currently just support reCAPTCHA v2 but v3 is on their roadmap:

Once you click 'submit' your reCAPTCHA site and secret key will be displayed:

Go back to WordPress, and click on 'Bit Form' in the left-hand menu. Under reCAPTCHA copy and paste in the site and secret keys from above:

Now when you publish your contact form, reCAPTCHA will be working as expected:

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